About the Seychelles

The Seychelles islands are located in the heart of the Indian Ocean.  This group of tropical islands are renowned for its year round tropical temperature and a perfect holiday option even for the most discerning holiday makers.

The islands can trace its first visitors back to the year 1770, the French sailors made this small island their home together with their African slaves – they must have surely been impressed by the beauty of the islands, the safety that it offered and the abundance of greenery and provisions.  Not much have been changed, the islands are well protected and almost 50% of the Seychelles’ environment are protected by law.

The diversity of the various settlers are still very apparent today – the ethnic diversity mixed with various cultural influences this young island nation is a true melting pot of colors and cultures.  In all its diversity the Seychellois people live in perfect harmony and the Creole charm is the way of life.  The Creole culture can be seen with vibrant colors across the islands and through the taste of the Creole cuisines – from a French infusion to an Arabian mix of spices and herbs.

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Things to do in Seychelles

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